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Energy Saving Tips 2016

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Energy Saving Tips 2016

Saving money on energy bills is something everyone would like to do, but taking action is easier said than done. This Energy Saving Tips 2016 infographic details some of the most effective ways you can slash your energy bills this year.

Airway AC

Solar Panels

Once very expensive to install, the price of fitting a solar panel in your home is now decreasing. They are still very costly (£6,000 installation price), but you could save at least £820 a year, for every year they are installed.

You will receive feed-in tariff payments as part of a government initiative totally £583, as well as savings on your electricity bills of £237.

Eco Lighting

The traditional incandescent light bulbs might be a thing of the past but eco lighting such as LED lights and fluorescent bulbs are now widely available in hardware stores and can make a huge difference to your electricity bill.

£3 saving per year multiplied by the amount of lights in your house can make a considerable difference.

Draught Excluder

It could not be simpler to use a draught excluder. Simply place one at the base of your door, around window seals or pipework that leads outside, and you could see savings of up to £55 per year.

Avoid Standby

Pressing the ‘off’ button on your remote to turn off your TV or other appliance is simply sending the device into standby mode. Whilst this mode consumes a lot less energy than when the device is turned on, it is still using energy. Turning appliances off at the wall where possible (excluding fridges and freezers) can save you considerably more money.

Air Conditioning

Using air conditioning is one of the most effective ways of controlling the climate in your home, whether you need it to be cooler in Summer or warmer in Winter. However, it is important that you ensure your system is consistently maintained, so it can run at maximum efficiency. Contact professional engineers, like the ones at Airway Air Conditioning to inspect, maintain and repair your unit(s) if necessary.

Halogen Oven

Halogen ovens use up to 75% less electricity than a conventional electric oven, which is impressive in itself, but when you consider that they also cook twice as fast – roasting a chicken in 30 minutes – you can see it’s a very worthwhile purchase.

Smart Showers

These showers can help you monitor your water usage in order to reduce wastage. Hydrao, for example, glows different colours when different amounts of water are used – green for less than 10 litres, yellow for less than 30 litres, orange for more than 30 litres, and red for more than 50 litres. This reduces the need to estimate your water usage and helps you take more water-efficient showers.

How We Can Help

For more information on how regular maintenance to your air conditioning system can benefit your energy consumption, call Airway Air Conditioning on 0800 859 5174 and we’ll be happy to help.

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