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Costly Business: The True Cost Of Dodgy Air Conditioning Maintenance Work

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Costly Business: The True Cost Of Dodgy Air Conditioning Maintenance Work

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: getting your air conditioning system maintained by qualified professionals will save you money in the long run. It’s easy to see why people decide to scrimp and either go without inspections and maintenance, or, worse still, get a “friend of a friend” to take a look, but the risk simply isn’t worth it.

One recent story from August this year highlights just how devastating dodgy air conditioning maintenance can be. The damage which occurred may not be something every homeowner has a risk of in their home, but it perfectly highlights the case for quality maintenance work.

The incident occurred in Australia, with a retired surgeon keeping rare and expensive wines in his cellar getting a nasty shock. At his home in Adelaide, Spero Raptis thought he was having some routine maintenance after a compressor was found to be faulty. There had been a slight, but noticeable increase in Mr Raptis’ cellar temperature and he decided to have his air conditioning unit inspected as its purpose was to keep his wine intact.

When a workman came to inspect the unit, he found the defect, took away the faulty components and replaced them with new components, stating that he would be back the next day to check the unit. In this time, the power had been switched off to ensure the unit was isolated. Seemingly separate from this work, it’s claimed the worker then left a humidifier on overnight in the cellar, which appears to have caused the damage.

A staggering collection of wines were present in the cellar, with Mr Raptis claiming an eye-watering £200,000 worth of damage was caused. The cellar contained some of Australia’s most expensive wines – including 86 bottles of Penfolds Grange Hermitage. The bottles of wine were essentially cooked under the heat which the humidifier pumped out into the enclosed space.

Only when the former surgeon’s wife noticed condensation on the cellar door, did it occur to them that anything was amiss. When he attempted to get into the cellar to recover his collection Mr Raptis was faced with a wall of steam and moisture which prevented his immediate entrance.

Now, the air conditioning company, who reject the claim that they are at fault for the damage, are facing legal action. Mr Raptis wants the 1253 bottles which he lost in the heat wave to be replaced, a huge request for anyone to fulfill.

This particular case is obviously not an everyday occurrence – not everyone has thousands of pounds worth of wine in their cellar – but it just goes to show the havoc which can be wrought by dodgy repair work and workmen who you don’t trust.

At Airway Air Conditioning our team are professionally trained and we’re Safecontractor registered for your peace of mind. Contact our friendly team today if you require air conditioning servicing or maintenance from a trusted company.

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