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18th May 2018

Airway Air Conditioning

The Rules Around Temperature In The Workplace

Employment law covers a wide range of subjects, factors and caveats across every single industry, market and sector. It is imperative that employers adhere to each and every regulation... Continue reading »

26th September 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

A World Without Air Conditioning – Including Infographic!

We switch it on and off every day and we get annoyed when it doesn’t work properly – it’s fair to say most of us take air conditioning for... Continue reading »

Airway Air Conditioning

Recommended AC Temperatures for Different Environments – With Infographic!

Air conditioning units are used in buildings of all types around the world, providing invaluable services that we sometimes take for granted. However, as different environments require different temperatures,... Continue reading »

27th July 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Glossary of Terms

Everyone knows what air conditioning does, in some way, at least. It makes the temperature of rooms more comfortable for us. However, it’s obviously not that simple, and there’s... Continue reading »

1st June 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

The Truths & Myths of Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are installed and used in their millions across the world, keeping the climates of our businesses and homes in check round the clock. We tend to take... Continue reading »

21st October 2016

Airway Air Conditioning

Keeping Cool Through the Ages

Flicking on the air conditioning, a desk fan or even a tiny handheld fan when we get a bit hot is a luxury that we take for granted. In... Continue reading »

21st September 2015

Airway Air Conditioning

Is your office too hot or too cold? Secrets for staying comfortable

The office-wide struggle for control over temperature is a very real issue. Anyone who has worked in an office will know that there is an endless battle all year... Continue reading »

10th August 2015

Airway Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning vs Window Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is becoming an increasingly popular way to keep a comfortable temperature in homes and business premises in the UK. With this added interest in thermal comfort comes... Continue reading »

9th July 2015

Airway Air Conditioning

Global Warming & Inefficient Air Conditioning: A Vicious Cycle

The spotlight is, and continues to be, on the environment and the impact we have upon it as humans. It can be confusing at times with differing opinions on... Continue reading »

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