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1st May 2018

Airway Air Conditioning

Panasonic Sanyo Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

If your property makes use of a Panasonic Sanyo air conditioner, knowing the various error codes that your unit may display can prove to be very helpful in the... Continue reading »

8th March 2018

Airway Air Conditioning

LG Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

Like all appliances and electronic equipment, there will come a time where your air conditioning will encounter a fault. When that happens, swift action is required to minimise downtime... Continue reading »

7th February 2018

Airway Air Conditioning

Airway Win Daikin R32 Award

In 2016, Airway Air Conditioning received an award from air conditioning manufacturer Daikin for selling the largest amount of R-32-based air conditioning units of all UK suppliers. We are... Continue reading »

17th October 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

Why is My Air Conditioning Not Cooling or Heating?

If you find one day that your air conditioning system is not cooling effectively or failing to heat up when placed on a warm setting, it can be inconvenient... Continue reading »

26th September 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

A World Without Air Conditioning – Including Infographic!

We switch it on and off every day and we get annoyed when it doesn’t work properly – it’s fair to say most of us take air conditioning for... Continue reading »

Airway Air Conditioning

Recommended AC Temperatures for Different Environments – With Infographic!

Air conditioning units are used in buildings of all types around the world, providing invaluable services that we sometimes take for granted. However, as different environments require different temperatures,... Continue reading »

27th July 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Glossary of Terms

Everyone knows what air conditioning does, in some way, at least. It makes the temperature of rooms more comfortable for us. However, it’s obviously not that simple, and there’s... Continue reading »

8th June 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

Why is My Air Conditioning Leaking?

Air conditioning plays a crucial role in homes and businesses around the world, keeping properties cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping people stay comfortable, produce... Continue reading »

1st June 2017

Airway Air Conditioning

The Truths & Myths of Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are installed and used in their millions across the world, keeping the climates of our businesses and homes in check round the clock. We tend to take... Continue reading »

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