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Server Room Air Conditioning

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Server Room Air Conditioning

For offices and workplaces where computers are used, there will be servers somewhere in the building, working away to ensure that your IT systems keep doing what they’re supposed to be doing. However, with such computing power constantly in use, a lot of heat is generated in server rooms, which can be dangerous to the servers themselves. To prevent your servers from overheating and potentially breaking, you need a server room air conditioning system that can regulate the climate and keep your systems cool.

Manufacturers provide excellent data centre solutions, using inverter technology as a way of maintaining temperature, by responding to temperature changes inside and outside the premises. Select models use sensors which are able to detect the temperature in areas closer to the ceiling and adjust the air output accordingly.

The ductless systems allow for extra units to be added to your server rooms, should you add more servers to your property. The inverter technology on these systems allows for superb energy efficiency, too, with the units performing 25% more efficiently than traditional systems.

At Airway we provide expert server room air conditioning services including installations, repairs and maintenance throughout Cambridge and surrounding areas.

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