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Leisure Centre Air Conditioning

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Leisure Centre Air Conditioning

Leisure centres are places where people come to do some exercise, whether that’s through swimming, running or playing squash. In order for people to make the most of their leisure centre, the climate needs to be comfortable, and a leisure centre air conditioning system is key to ensuring that the indoor climate can be properly controlled.

Ventilation helps to remove the high moisture levels that can develop in leisure centres, whilst heat recovery mechanical ventilation extracts humid air from swimming pools and badminton courts, heats the incoming cool air via a heat exchanger and delivers this warm air back into the room. An effective ventilation system will also help remove odours and preserve the freshness of the space.

Whether you’ve several large spaces that need ventilation, or a small room that needs a new air conditioning system determines the type of system that will be best for you. Wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes or ducted systems working in tandem with outdoor condensers, VRFs (variable refrigerant flow) or chillers work better for different size rooms, so speak to the experts at Airway Air Conditioning today and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.

Whether you know exactly what’s required or you’re not sure where to start, we can advise you on the best solution for you, as well as offering first-rate installation, servicing and repairs services for your new or existing system.

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