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Airway ACAirway were asked by a roofing company to remove all existing equipment on the roof at Yamaha, Milton Keynes, so they could repair damaged equipment on the roof of the building.
Upon inspection of the equipment, we found that the air handling plant was very old, and as such we felt it needed replacing so it could cope with the stress of the crane lifting it off the roof. We decided a new bespoke plant was needed, so we had one designed and quoted, which was accepted.

The roof plant itself was extremely compacted and squashed in, as well as looking somewhat unorganised, so we removed all the old AHUs, including the air conditioning condensers.

A couple of months later, our bespoke AHUs and their controls had been built, which meant that the next step was to lift them onto the roof and pair them with the existing air conditioning equipment. The new plant was installed, as well as a gantry system and new platform, which allowed for more space on the roof and easier access for any maintenance personnel who may need to reach the units in the future.

After the work was completed, we were very proud to see that the client was more than happy with the work we’d done.

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