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Heat Pump Air Conditioning

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Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Heat pump air conditioning, as the name suggests, is used for both heating and cooling a room or building, giving the user total temperature control. Using reverse cycle technology, these systems filter heat into a room instead of out of it. Developments in technology have meant that the efficiency of these units allowed the most effective heat pumps to now generate 5kW of heat for every 1kW of electrical power used.

Heat pump air conditioning works by extracting heat from outside the building and then transfers it inside. Using a refrigerant passing through the external coil, heat from outside is absorbed, passed through a fan coil unit and a condenser inside the building where it is released as heat. What’s more, the flow can be reversed during the warmer seasons, providing a cooling system for your building.

The aforementioned efficiency means that you could spend as little as one fifth of what you would spend on a direct heater to run your heat pump air conditioning. With a lifespan of around 20 years, you can enjoy this efficiency and versatile functionality for a long time, and with your system installed by the best and most knowledgeable engineers around you can be sure that all your specifications will be met.

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