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Due To Adverse Weather Conditions We Are Temporarily Out Of Portable Air Con Units

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Why is My Air Conditioning Leaking?

Air conditioning plays a crucial role in homes and businesses around the world, keeping properties cool in the summer and warm in the winter, helping people stay comfortable, produce stay fresh and machinery stay operational. However, like all systems, air conditioning can be liable to faults, including leaks. In this article, we will look at … Continue reading

The Truths & Myths of Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are installed and used in their millions across the world, keeping the climates of our businesses and homes in check round the clock. We tend to take our air conditioning units for granted, but the reality is that they play a crucial role in our comfort in our homes and workplaces. However, there … Continue reading

Keeping Cool Through the Ages

Flicking on the air conditioning, a desk fan or even a tiny handheld fan when we get a bit hot is a luxury that we take for granted. In centuries gone by, there were no electric fans or cooling equipment to help people manage during hot days, instead they used methods that were probably technically … Continue reading

How to Remove Car Air Conditioning Smells

We all know just how helpful an air conditioning system in a car is. On a summer’s day, putting your windows down and opening the sunroof can only provide so much climate control, which is why those dials on your dashboard come in so handy all the time. However, one side effect that can hinder … Continue reading

Is Air Conditioning Healthy?

Air conditioning is used in buildings and vehicles all over the world, keeping our indoor climates as we like them, adjusting to our requirements at the touch of a button or the twist of a dial. If you have an air conditioning unit that is working perfectly, with no signs of problems, then it is … Continue reading

The Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

Like any piece of machinery, air conditioning units need to be serviced from time to time to ensure they are operating as they should be and to help identify any potential issues. It can, however, be easy to forget to arrange servicing or feel like it is maybe unnecessary for your unit. In this article, … Continue reading

How to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise

Air conditioners provide a very useful service for those within a property, whether that property is a modest home or a large office complex. Working around the clock to keep our property at the correct temperature can be strenuous on any system, and as such, it may emit a fair amount of noise, which can … Continue reading

Energy Saving Tips 2016

Saving money on energy bills is something everyone would like to do, but taking action is easier said than done. This Energy Saving Tips 2016 infographic details some of the most effective ways you can slash your energy bills this year. Solar Panels Once very expensive to install, the price of fitting a solar panel in … Continue reading

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

Just like their heavy industry counterparts, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units use a combination of error codes and LEDs to notify the user of a potential fault. Below are some of the more common Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning fault codes that you may notice on your unit. • View in High Quality  • Download as PDF … Continue reading

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Fault Codes Explained

• View in High Quality  • Download as PDF Mitsubishi air conditioning units alert owners to errors using LEDs: the indoor circuit board (ICB) has a green LED (GLED) and a red LED (IRLED), and the outdoor circuit board (OCB) has the same. We are going to look at common faults and how the LEDs in … Continue reading

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